Formula Feeding no.1 and Breastfeeding no.2

The Berkshire Blogger

I’ve been inspired to write this blog after research by Medela into Breastfeeding and promoting the wide variety of normal and hope my experiences  might help someone else. Read about the Medela research and breastfeeding blog campaign on

When I was pregnant with my second child I remember Googling this a lot. If you formula fed your first, could you make breastfeeding work? Would the challenges I faced first time happen again?

During my pregnancy with my son, I remember planning the idyllic birth, the perfect bond and breastfeeding my child. Well we got the perfect bond so I suppose one out of three can’t be bad. After a difficult birth, I lost over 2 litres of blood and required two blood transfusions. I wasn’t even able to express colostrum. I remember the midwife being confused as to why I couldn’t even hand express any out. My poor screaming…

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