Awkward Questions Part Two: Why Do Grown-Ups Argue?

Awkward Questions Children  Ask Part Two Good Toy Guide Logo_MED

Dr Amanda Gummer, Play & Parenting Psychologist and founder of Fundamentally Children has been helping Mumsnetters with how to answer those awkward questions that children ask.

So today’s question is:

Why do grown ups argue? Shouldn’t they know better because you get told off if you do it when you are little.


tshirt sat at tableAmanda says……

Sometimes in life people will have disagreements with one another – It is important to remember that these arguments do not mean they dont like each other or dont love each other anymore; they just disagree over something (as you may do with a friend or sibling at times).  Sometimes an argument is a way of figuring out a problem and means that something gets better as a result.

But, when people get cross they occasionally argue and voices get raised, its not nice and it is ok to ask them to stop, as they do to you.  

Note from Mumsnet Berkshire Editor:

Personally I’d like to add that I think it’s important to show your child that there has been a resolution and that you have made up with whoever you have been arguing with. Even if it’s that you agree to disagree.

I’d love to know your thoughts on Dr Gummer’s advice and in fact, what you’d say yourself so please comment below or email me Do you think it’s acceptable to argue in front of children? Is it preventable or something that is inevitable? Do you show your children when you’ve made up after arguing?

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