Pant-tastic Review of Aliens Love Underpants by Eliza (aged 3)

mnberksAliens Love Underpants at Leicester Square Theatre, London

Based on the hugely successful children’s book by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort, ALIENS LOVE UNDERPANTS premieres in the West End at Leicester Square Theatre from Saturday 19th July until Sunday 31st August, following a highly acclaimed UK tour

Mumsnet Berkshire was invited to review Aliens Love Underpants theatre production at The Leicester Square Theatre on Sunday 20th July 2014. I gave the free tickets to Local Ambassador Helen and her 3 year old daughter Eliza to review the show. Here, Eliza tells us her thoughts on the day.

To continue my weekend of 3rd birthday celebrations mummy, nanny and granddad took me to London for the first time ever! If that wasn’t exciting enough, we were going to see Aliens Love Underpants at a theatre! Mummy assured me that the theatre would have red chairs like a theatre I have been to before.


When we got to the theatre I got a sticker which was fab and mummy got our tickets. The theatre was all on one level and the chairs were really nice and big. I got a special squishy seat to put on my chair and I saw lots of other children getting a squishy seat too. There were lots of watchers at the show and we were all very excited.

Mummy said she was scared of the aliens so I held her hand a bit and told her they were friendly. There was some alien music playing before the show started so I had a dance.

When the show started four people came on to the stage with ‘ I love pants’ written on their t-shirts – mummy had to read it to me as I’m not that cleverer yet! Some of the people (mummy said they’re called actors) came off the stage and asked the watchers what their favourite pants were! I shouted that mine were flowery. Nanny and granddad were laughing lots at all the other children shouting.

The people on the stage got changed and put some school uniform on and one was pretending to be a teacher. They sang a very good song and one of the school boys wanted to be a spaceman. Mummy said it was very clever how they introduced the book into the show.

The show isn’t the same as the book but the actors do say some of the things that are in the book. The actor who was pretending to be the school boys mummy put lots of pants out to dry and an alien space ship flew behind their garden wall and pinched the pants. The mummy had to go and buy some more pants and did a funny song and dance with a pretend shop keeper. My granddad was dancing in his chair! When the mummy went home and put the pants away we had to remember what pants she had brought and shout them out to her. I thought it was really good that we kept joining in and it meant that the grown ups wouldn’t be bored or fall asleep as we were shouting so loud.

Harrison Spiers in ALIENS LOVE UNDERPANTS photo credit sjsphoto - Copy

The aliens appear in the school boys bedroom and he is really lucky and goes on a space ship with them. The aliens are only pretend so my mummy really wasn’t scared – the aliens are puppets that are held by the actors and the school boy wears headphones so we can understand what the aliens are saying which was really good.


Mummy says I’m not allowed to tell you the rest of the story as it will spoil it when you do go and see it with your grown ups.


We stayed after the show and there were some sandwiches and cakes put on the bar and lemonade for the children and some special drinks for the grown ups. There was a really funny lady dressed as an alien making balloon aliens and she did make me a pink one.

ALU4The aliens with the actors came on to the stage and I did have my picture taken with them. I blew them a kiss too. I told my mummy that they were so friendly but she didn’t want to stand next to them. I think she was still a little bit scared.For being a really good girl, I got a goody bag with the Aliens Love Underpants book, a sticker game to make some aliens that I did in the car on the way home and I also got an Aliens Love Underpants waver that my nanny hid behind.

I had a pant-tastic time and my mummy, nanny and granddad all agreed that the 55 minutes show was a really good length for younger children, the actor people were really good and very fast at changing their costumes and the stage set was very simple but very effective.

I’m going to go and look for aliens in our clean pants now – as they like to hide in there you know!


It’s competition time folks!

For your chance to win a family ticket for four people to see Aliens In Underpants at Leicester Square Theatre see our Mumsnet Berkshire competition


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